Welcome To The Three Shires Reflexology Blog!

Here at Three Shires we are absolutely committed to deliver the highest quality of training and education in Reflexology. Our courses are taught to the Centralia Level 5 qualification (the highest in the UK!), and reflexology is our passion.

So why are we starting a blog? Well, as you may have read, our founders (Wendy & Martyn Finke) each have a reflexology career spanning over 25 years, and are experts in their field.

As someone who has recently qualified in reflexology, and going back into a studying environment after having a break from learning for quite some time, there were many questions I had about becoming a reflexologist, and about reflexology in general. With the Internet being so saturated with anything and everything that you would ever want to know, I was unsure of what to read as a reliable source.

Although these questions (and many more!) would later be answered in the duration of my course, there are some things we felt would be important to share for those wondering about doing a reflexology course – helping you on the road to deciding your future career path, or maybe helping you to realise it’s not your cup of tea.

We thought it would be nice to create a place for future and current reflexologists to have a read of some of the wonderfully interesting things our tutors, with their wealth of experience and knowledge, have to say on the fascinating subject of reflexology, and all that it can be linked to.

Thank you for reading and please come back regularly!