Three Shires Reflexology Training Courses Give You:


A Wealth Of Experience

Established in 1995, Three Shires Reflexology is one of the longest established & most respected Reflexology Schools


With venues in Milton Keynes, Warwick & Kettering we can serve a wide area with high-quality training.

Small Groups

We are proud of our low student-tutor ratio, with individual attention to your practical training

PR Qualification

The brand new qualification developed by reflexologists with over 45 years experience of our therapy


Our brilliant & inspiring tutors are all experienced reflexologists trained by us to uphold the highest standards

Unique To Three Shires

A unique powerful method developed over thousands of hours in practice, taught exclusively by us

A Bit About Us...

Accredited in 1995, Three Shires School of Reflexology is one of the longest established & most respected reflexology training courses in the UK.
We have always provided a quality of training designed for the professional , and today that means the Professional Reflexology Practitioner Diploma. We train our students to this level because, (and this may surprise you), unlike other qualifications all of the units which comprise the PR Diploma have been specifically written for Reflexology by Reflexologists.
With venues in Milton Keynes, Warwick, Kettering, and Brighton our amazing tutors Helen, Mandy & Olivia give our learners many additional skills, exclusive to Three Shires, enabling them to leave us as outstanding, confident reflexologists making a real difference to their client's lives and wellbeing.
Forward-thinking, challenging & fun learning: Always innovative, Three Shires was, for example, the first school to introduce video to help students with their practical training. we now give you desktop access to progressive videos to help you learn the sequence treatment quickly and easily in order that we can take your training much further than would be possible elsewhere. Additional to this Three Shires School is unique in giving the benefit of our vast practical experience by teaching you specialist techniques developed within clinic for use with conditions that you are most likely to encounter in practice. We use our wealth of experience, knowledge & interaction to help our students grow into excellent reflexologists, utilising tried & tested techniques and the latest teaching methods!
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Why Do You Want to Train as a Reflexologist?


Feel Like A Change Or A New Career?

Would You Like To Work From Home?

Have You Experienced The Benefits Of This Remarkable Therapy?

Do You Feel Drawn To Helping Others & Making A Difference To Their Lives?

Whatever Your Reasons For Training...

…our reflexology training courses will enable you to develop as a therapist whilst absorbing new skills & knowledge. Your learning takes you much further and you will be far better equipped for your future career. Our business is Reflexology training courses and because we are passionate about the therapy we really care about the success of our students and their future client’s health and well being.


We are a member of IRSA: (Independent Reflexology Schools Association) which is a group of leading independent reflexology schools formed out of a need to further high-quality modern reflexology through shared values and experiences.


Research & Discussion

Expert Practical Tuition

Facial Reflexology

Reflexology Theory

Working In Groups

Emphasis On Practical Sessions

Tutor Demonstrations

Hand Reflexology



Katie Page, PRM
I cannot recommend Three Shires highly enough. Their support whilst training was second to none, their knowledge vast and were willing to share it and finally whilst the course was in depth and on occasions hard they pushed you a little further to make you a better reflexologist. Even now if I need to ask a question I have their support.
Katie Page, PRM
Laura Turner PRM
When I joined the course I was only 19 years of age the youngest they had! I am now running my Reflexology business from 2 locations its exactly what I wanted – I couldn’t of done it without this course. I learnt so much, from Helen and I recommend the school to everyone – its amazing. Miss it even now!
Laura Turner
Kyla Carter PRM
I am grateful to Wendy and Martyn and Three Shires School of Reflexology for all the support and guidance in helping me grow my skills and confidence to now begin on a new career path. I am also really pleased to be getting bookings, and to finally be my own boss in a career that I love!’
Kyla Carter
Sarah Jane Gomes
Studying at The Three Shires School of Reflexology is not just a normal experience. It is a place in which you can meet a whole new family and enjoy the world of schooling in a completely new and fun way. Thank you so much for all your help and support in helping me learn about myself as well as being able to help people.
Sarah Jane GomesThree Shires Graduate



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