25 Years In Reflexology “A Lucky Break” By Wendy Finke Pt.4

I have been lucky with my direction from the word go. When I have needed an answer to a problem I have been led to the right conclusions. I have never questioned this but followed what has been sent to me.

So it happened my cousin had had an operation in a private hospital in Leamington Spa and I visited one Saturday afternoon. During this visit I learned that a good friend from a while ago was in the same hospital having just undergone an operation to amputate her lower leg after a riding accident. Of course I popped in to see her to commiserate and see if there was something I could do for her. She said she was looking for a therapist to work freelance in her busy upmarket hairdressing salon in Kenilworth.

I just jumped at the chance – not only because my childhood from 11 and my first flat was in Kenilworth and just adored the area, but I knew this would give me another source of clients and enhance (I hoped) my much needed income. We arranged to give me one day a week and pay a fixed rate for the room. Wednesday was the day and eventually added Thursday too as my client base grew. The girls who worked there were fun and I’m sure kept me up to speed with young stuff and jargon – I had no idea what “vajazzeled” was to their amusement.

I stayed there for 18 years and still see 3 special clients from those days once a month 20 years later!