Martyn Finke PRM
Wendy Finke, PRM

Wendy says: ‘My passion for reflexology goes back nearly 30 years. After qualifying I began the development of specialist reflexology techniques for many different conditions. The feedback from clients was excellent and It was this that spurred me on to open a school. I could then pass on these unique methods to students, so the next generation of reflexologists could be better trained and more knowledgeable. As one of the longest established and most respected reflexology course providers in the country we are very pleased to offer the PR Diploma, the most up to date qualification in the UK!

Martyn was taught by Wendy and qualified in 1997 from one of the school’s early courses. ‘I started training mainly out of interest and I am sure Wendy found it difficult to teach me’ says Martyn ‘actually she says I was a nightmare, but in truth it was such a fascinating experience that I knew very quickly that  this was to be my future. Treating and helping people is such a rewarding way to spend your working life. Find out more about us and our history below!



Our team all studied under Martyn & Wendy, and are intuitive & successful therapists. We couldn’t be more proud of them!

Helen qualified with Three Shires in 2007, and since then she has practised extensively and always striving to better her knowledge. She is particularly interested in promoting Reflexology for managing stress through the relaxation process of this therapy. She has a practice in Ladbroke, Warwickshire (www.cottagetherapies.co.uk), and offers Aromafeet, a bespoke massage to the lower legs & feet using a tailored essential oil blend to optimise wellness.

We are very happy to have Olivia as part of our team, her knowledge and enthusiasm for Reflexology has already proven to be a real asset to the school. She is co-owner of an award-winning clinic in South Leicestershire and, although already a fully qualified tutor, Olivia has also completed the 5 qualification in Education which has been a fantastic help to her students. Like all our tutors Olivia additionally spent a full year assisting Helen to ensure her training is fully rounded.

This year we are extending a very warm welcome to Mandy Williams, who is the newest addition to our team. Mandy is one of our outstanding graduates, having qualified with Three Shires in 2014. She has her practice in Northampton, and has been assisting her former tutor Helen, honing her experience in Three Shires specialist techniques and methods. We are very excited to have her aboard with us as she has an exceptional mind for reflexology!

Emma Baxter qualified with us in 2015, and we are incredibly happy to have her on board as our “Tiny Toes” specialist from 2018. She is Founder of Lavender Room Reflexology and Tiny Toes Reflexology & Baby Massage in Northampton as this is an area she is particularly interested in. A former nurse for 18 years, Emma’s expertise and commitment to helping mothers and families-to-be with Reflexology is really working wonders for her clients and students!

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A Brief History of Three Shires

Back in the 1980’s Wendy Finke PRM, founder of Three Shires first experienced this remarkable therapy.
She was hooked, but at that time there were very few properly accredited schools and training was, to say the least, sketchy! Training was often provided on six Saturday afternoons in a village hall. Fortunately, Wendy was able to find one of the better schools not too far distant, commenced training, and started her practice in 1992.  She soon found that the depth of knowledge required for clinical practice was far greater than she had been taught which meant 50% of her clinic time was spent in research. She was determined that when she started Three Shires in 1995 her students would have the benefit of all the extra knowledge she had gained. Wendy was joined by husband Martyn in 1997 after having qualified with the school. In order to pass on their knowledge to as many future therapists as possible Wendy and Martyn decided to invite some of their outstanding graduates to teach the Three Shires methods at new venues.
Continuing to teach today over and above what is required by the qualification, the school’s tutors place the greatest importance on practical skills and knowledge to carrying on the Three Shires tradition. Click below to find out more about us & our reflexology course
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