It’s all very well for us to tell you about our course, but what do our students think? Here are some genuine comments from our past students who are all now wonderful reflexologists! We feel it is so important for you to read what our students say to get a feel of things, so please read on…

My name is Laura, and I studied with the Three Shires School in Warwick Level 5 in September 2016-August 2017 – When I joined the course I was only 19 years of age the youngest they had!

I studied in A-levels then took a gap year working in retail to build up some money to find out what I wanted to do. Through my GCSE years I struggled with my health and eventually got diagnosed with IBS, this is where reflexology came into play and other holistic therapies I realised I wanted to help other people – not only that but I’ve always been independent and loved the idea of running my own business.

Helen was so supportive throughout the course, my group were like a small family where each week we would discuss what’s happened and what we are struggling with – the best bit about having a group of you is each person has their own strength through the course.
You could email Helen with anything and she would always respond so quickly.

Through the course I became really interested in Fertility and the reproductive side of things and thought this is where my passion lies. Before the course finished I started setting up my business in around June/July – Tranquil Touch Therapies.
After the course I managed to find to rent a room on a Wednesday at a place called Limes farm which had other therapists including chiropractors, remedial massage and body talkers this started to pick up which was amazing and the main clients that came to me had digestive or reproductive issues! In October I then got offered a room in my local gym/leisure centre full time – PERFECT.

So I am now running my Reflexology and Indian head massage business from 2 locations its exactly what I wanted – I couldn’t of done it without this course.

I learnt so much, I recommend the school to everyone  – its amazing. Miss it even now!

Laura Turner PRM



So today, after the equivalent of two years of university in one year (sorry Julie, stolen!), I qualified to the highest standard as a Clinical Reflexologist. I have worked with the most amazing group of girls, Laura Turner, Julie Anne Aspinall, Louise Marshall, Tanya Millington Linda Wooldridge and Lila Davis. I’ve had the most AMAZING tutors in Helen Ballard and Olivia Hart and been taught by the best school, Three Shires School of Reflexology. Thank you all so much.

Mandy Williams PRM


‘I have been planning for my graduation since the day I started the course, written in my diary in bold ‘LAST DAY OF TRAINING – QUALIFIED – HOPEFULLY!’. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed the course, on the contrary, but I have always known that this new skill I was learning was about a new way of life and ultimately, work (after being employed in an office for over ten years).

So with lots of help and support from Wendy and Martyn, I have been building up my skills and getting the right footings in place to be able to launch my new business from day 1.

So for my first week as a qualified reflexologist, I have treated five clients, three of which booked and paid for six treatments in advance. I ordered my second set of business cards (I have already used 250 as a student building my client base), posted on my Facebook business page that I had qualified (which reached 950 people), finalised details of my website, booked and paid for three pamper events over the coming months (paid for with my advanced bookings!), ordered some music from the PR endorsed guys (also paid for with my advanced bookings) (sorry forgot their name) and booked one of my next CPD courses!

Now I am having a rest this week on holiday with my family, before returning to another busy week next week with eight clients all booked in for full treatments, two of which are new clients. I always estimated I would need ten clients per week to cover my previous earnings from my office job, so I am happy to be well on the way to this number so soon!

Twelve months of hard work, both with the training and also setting up the foundations for my business simultaneously (building a web page, doing talks, networking with potential clients, attending events, and averaging six extra treatments a week as well as finishing my case studies/homework simultaneously). Phew!

All that said, it has been well worth all the hard work. Best of all I love treating all my clients and seeing their quality of life improve as a result of their treatments, and that motivates me to spread the word about how great reflexology is!

I am grateful to Wendy and Martyn and Three Shires School of Reflexology for all the support and guidance in helping me grow my skills and confidence to now begin on a new career path. I am also really pleased to be getting bookings so soon, and to finally be my own boss in a career that I love!’

Kyla Carter PRM


My name is Angela Daws and I have became a fully qualified Reflexologist after training with The Three Shires School of Reflexology. On leaving school at sixteen I had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life and so went to college in Northampton to learn Business Studies. I passed the two year course and got my first job working in the offices of a small leather tannery in Northampton, but after a couple of year’s the site closed and from here on in I started my foray into the world of accounts. Over the next twenty years I worked within the Accounts Department for several companies, some small and some large, although I can honestly say that I felt very little enjoyment or personal fulfilment from what I did.

After a few months of considering what path to take I started thinking about how I had looked into studying holistic therapies when I was about eighteen and had been talked out of it because at the time as it was not viewed as a true career path. I researched a number of therapies and decided that Reflexology was the area that appealed and interested me most. I found the Three Shires School of Reflexology on the internet and enrolled on the next available course. The next year of studying flew by and before I knew it the exam had arrived. Having not sat an exam for twenty years I was terrified but after a few weeks of analysing my answers and thinking about what I had written I found out that I had passed and passed well.

I am now setting out on the next part of the journey and am establishing a Reflexology business working from home. Having had to take medication for half of my life, due to a lifelong condition I developed, I fully understand and encompass the benefits that Complementary Therapies can have on an individual. It is immensely fulfilling to know that someone has been helped from receiving Reflexology treatment.

Angela Daws PRM


I trained with Wendy and Martyn. I can not recommend them highly enough.

Their support whilst training was second to none, their knowledge vast and were willing to share it and finally whilst the course was in depth and on occasions hard they pushed you a little further to make you a better reflexologist. Even now all these years later if I need to ask a question I have their support.

Thank you both x

Katie Page PRM


Studying at The Three Shires School of Reflexology is not just a normal experience. It is a place in which you can meet a whole new family and enjoy the world of schooling in a completely new and fun way.

The tutors are firm but fun and they make you realise how studying can also be enjoyable. I was so scared to go back to the world of learning & studying but The Three Shires School of Reflexology was one of the best experiences I have had.

For so long I wanted to be able to do something that could truly help people and until last year never knew how to do it. This may sound crazy but I believe that angels guided me to this course and in doing so two angels got me through it.

Thank you so much for all your help and support in helping me learn about myself as well as being able to help people. I loved every minute of it and an going to miss my Sunday’s with you.

Thank you,
Sarah-Jane Gomes


I am a believer that things do happen for a reason.
One day I decided to look into holistic therapies around the area where I live and I came across the website www.reflexologynow.com. I had a look at it thinking this could be interesting, a few months later I signed up for the course to become a reflexologist, and it was 1 of best things I have ever done.
Learning from the Three Shires School of Reflexology was a great learning experience, both Wendy and Martyn set good standards for us, not only are they very professional and very knowledgeable but it’s great to learn from people that are willing to share and pass over the knowledge and experience they have been gathering over the years, not to mention that they teach this course with a great dose of humour.

I am sure I will be returning soon to learn more

Thank you Wendy and Martyn you are both very special.


Lots have been happening and I wanted to share my news with you! I am now resident Reflexologist at ………. ….and work alternating early and late shifts to pick up people who work. I have a great group of ladies who now come monthly and I just adore every day. The ladies I meet are incredible and I am learning more and more every treatment. I am now into my 12th week and feel like I have been there forever.I treat a wide range of conditions and it is only down to the depth of training you gave that I feel competent to deal with them. I am sure many people qualify (on different courses) who give glorified foot massages, I have to say. I have had some incredible results already. Ladies being pain free for the first time in years, I felt changes in lungs of one lady and a few days later she has pleurisy and I actually induced labour two weeks ago!! ? I truly love it and wanted to thank you so much for changing my life and helping on my new path.

Love to you both,


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