25 Years In Reflexology “I’m On My Way” By Wendy Finke Pt.3

So armed with very little – but masses of hope and determination to make a difference to the world and a furtherance of reflexology which I knew was powerful right from the start – I set off on this path of healing. I felt I had been led by a force I still don’t fully understand, but as I have worked with this therapy I have been given answers as to what to do and where to go.

I had an appointment book, a very smart uniform and hopefully clients from the gym!

I had worked out that my charge would be £15. This was way above the rate that local reflexologists were charging – but I felt I was worth it. Nothing like having an ego!

First day wow one client and one appointment made. A result!

Let’s talk about this first client. She has been monumentally important in the building of my client base (some are still clients to this day.)

A lady who was a gym member booked her mother in with me for an appointment that afternoon. The gym by the way opened the day before me so everything was new business for the two owners (friends) and me. She said her mum was timid and was not sure how she would be with reflexology but felt it may help her. With what I didn’t know or ask.

Now having trawled through 10 years of past diaries Martyn found that from this one client referrals had been constant, resulting in a substantial client base. The moral of the story being – you never know where the chain starts.

2pm and I welcomed my client (Mrs H) and down the stairs we went and into the now cosy clinic room.

Firstly I explained about what reflexology was, what it entailed and how it might feel. I showed her the movement on her hand to put her at ease. She had clearly been persuaded to come by her daughter as I thought. I started the questioning procedure and instead of problems like insomnia, back pain or sinusitis which I felt I would be prepared for and able to help alleviate, Mrs H said she had been recently diagnosed with diverticulitis!!

Never heard of it – didn’t know what to do and didn’t want to appear stupid so I looked sympathetic and said “How does this present itself?” Phew – a pat on the back as she told me the symptoms.

“I will do a gentle treatment for this time and sort a program for any further treatments if you feel this would be good for you.”

This way I could scurry across to the local library and plan some sort of
treatment strategy. No joyous Google in those days!