Reflexology: The Holistic Approach

Achieving the balance between looking, feeling and being in harmony can be elusive.

In terms of looking good, we concentrate on the visual, so for example, having a nice hair cut, clear skin and a little flattering make up (for us ladies anyway!) should help sort that out.

Feeling and being harmonious in a holistic way is much more of a challenge. Busy and demanding lifestyles can dominate, but there are strategies we can implement to help. Reflexology is a great promoter/facilitator for wellbeing.

But this alone may not work – we need to also look closely at what we are putting into our bodies interms of foods. Eating to nourish and to even help to heal is becoming more spoken about. I believe reflexology and nutrition go hand in hand to maximize good health and general wellbeing. Exercise plays a crucial role too.

So .. what does holistic mean to us and in particular in relation to reflexology? In a nutshell, it is about addressing our wellbeing through good nutrition, also ‘being kind to yourself’, in terms of allowing time out to re-charge. This is truly optimized by a reflexology session. I treated somebody today for her first experience of our therapy. She told me “I bet nobody wants to leave the chair!” With a little bit of general advice on increasing her water intake and keeping up a good regime with consuming fresh foods, she left with a spring in her step!.

By explaining the holistic approach to our clients, we endorse the main factors of hopefully remaining health, happy and nurtured.

Regular reflexology helps to keep the body, mind and spirit in check. So, find your inspiration and be proactive!