25 Years in Reflexology – My Journey by Wendy Finke Pt.1

In this first instalment of a new monthly blog series, Three Shires Reflexology founder Wendy Finke talks about how she started out training as a reflexologist 25 years ago.

From her early days, first treatments and establishing one of the busiest clinics in the UK through to setting up the Three Shires School of Reflexology and being part of the team who set up Professional Reflexology, the UKs premiere association for Reflexologists…

“When I first decided reflexology was the way I wanted to go for a career I had no idea where this would lead me and how enthralling the path would be. 25 years on, thank goodness the therapy has grown in recognition with not only public perception, but with medics too.

A treatment was done 25 years ago with a garden chair (if we were lucky) for our clients and a cushion or pouffe for us, which was so bad for our posture that subsequently many of the early reflexologists suffered with back pain.

Our teaching was very basic but we were all so enthusiastic with the therapy we used anybody willing to practice on. I remember a dear friend saying “you will never earn a living at this!”. Thank goodness it didn’t deter me.

I remember thinking on my first day of treatments that it seemed a big responsibility to help clients with varying problems. I worked in a gym and paid rent by manning reception for part of the week,

I had no internet then so my only information source was the local library across the road. As I was presented with new challenging medical problems I would dash over with my pad and pencil to research and try and form a treatment plan!”

I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you, so please look out for the next part…